Your Monthly Inspirational Newsletter – Dec 2017

Dear Everyone,

Hi! And how are you all? Hi! And how are you all? It has been a busy, busy month of November, conducing training and also attending a course myself i.e. the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA)  Certification in Learning Game Design. It was a very good course and now I have more tools in my training bag

I was in conversation with a friend the other day and among many things that we talked about was the fact that about a month ago he sent out a gift each by courier to fifty of his good customers.

However he informed me that he was totally disappointed as only ten out of the fifty responded with a thank you note (either email or sms) or phone call. Only when he did call to find out if they had received the gift, did the remaining forty thank him and the usual excuse was that they were all ‘so busy’ and had no time to send the thank you note. I empathized with him and shook my head and asked myself, “Is it so difficult or time consuming to send a simple thank you note. Why is it that the act of thanking is so foreign to some people?” I really do not have the answers, but will put the attitude of these people down to taking things for granted.  It is as if they deserved the gift and hence needn’t acknowledge or thank the person concerned. This is truly, a sad, sad situation.

My view is that saying thank you is not only a matter of good manners, but also an expression or acknowledgement of something positive. And that is why one of the first things that all parents teach their children is to say ‘thank you’, because they understand that it is a very important social skill. When someone says ‘thank you’, the feelings that we get is always positive. Perhaps the most important thing about writing a thank you note is that it is an opportunity to acknowledge and to thank the sender for thinking about you.  They may have sent you something unimportant or of little use, but the fact that they thought about you is the significant part, and it is your duty to acknowledge with genuine sincerity the kindness of their gesture. Saying thank you therefore should be an automatic response as taught by our parents.

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. I do hope I have given you another small piece in your life’s jigsaw puzzle. Have a great month of December and an early Happy New Year 2018!!!



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