Your Monthly Inspirational Newsletter – September 2017

Dear Everyone,

Hi! And how are you all? It has been a very busy month in August, doing work from Bali to Kucing and going on a motivational road show around West Malaysia. It has been fun though and I always look forward to the food at each of the different places.

The other day, I received an email from one of my participants with a link to an anti-smoking advert in Thailand. I thought it was brilliant!! Basically the ad was about two young children (played by actors) who ask for a light from adult smokers. Invariably, they were told off and given advice that they shouldn’t smoke because the smokers admitted that smoking was bad for people’s health. The ad ends with the kids giving the smokers a piece of paper on which is written the following, “You worry about me, why not about yourself?”  You can watch the video on the following link:

Isn’t it amazing that here we have smokers who know that smoking is bad for their health but are advising others not to pick up the habit. Shouldn’t they be listening to their own advice? And that’s the point I am coming to i.e. in life it is so easy to give advice and yet ironically it is us who could sometimes use that advice ourselves.

So look into a mirror today, reflect on your life and give yourselves advice, on perhaps some of the following:

  1. I should change my attitude to be more positive.
  2. I should exercise more
  3. I should stop my bad habits which are making me a negative person
  4. I should learn to procrastinate less

After giving yourselves the advice, it is very, very important that you then take constructive action. This, I believe is key to becoming a better person.

I end this newsletter with two very insightful questions:

  1. Are you listening to your own advice?
  2. Are you strong enough to take action on your own advice?

Thank you so very much for reading this newsletter. I do hope you will reflect on this and take action to realize your full potential as a person. Have a great month ahead!!

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