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Your Monthly Inspirational Newsletter | October 2013

Dear Everyone,

Hi! And how are you all? It was a relatively busy month with a trip to Brunei thrown in. In fact I am sending this from Brunei. Great to see my Arsenal team doing reasonably well so far, but I really do not want to speak too soon. Apart from that, from a personal and work perspective, everything has gone on really well for me.

I was conducting training for a group of credit card sales people the other day from one of the leading banks and during one of the discussions in regards their work problems, a particular participant said that it was very difficult to sell credit cards in Kuala Lumpur because almost everyone had a credit card. I then inquired as to why he did not go and try to sell the cards in small towns like Parit Buntar or Tampin. He then said that in these towns, the people usually do not use credit cards!! I sighed and told myself that it is this type of mind-set that causes a lot of problems in organizations. He only looks at things from a problem perspective.

The trouble with this sales person is that he wants to have ideal conditions in his life i.e. a place where everyone needs and will buy credit cards, so that he would have an easy time. If it was this simple and easy, everyone would want to be a credit card sales person!!

Sadly many people in the workforce have this kind of mind-set. They continuously give excuses for their mediocre work performance such as:

a. Their boss is not capable and is a bad leader
b. Their subordinates are not competent
c. They do not have enough resources
d. The competition is tough

Basically, they are problem tellers and not problem solvers. Life and the workplace is never fair and there will never, ever be ‘ideal’ situations or circumstances to ensure that we would be able to do our job well. Good performers take everything in their stride and make the best of what they have and go ahead and solve problems. They know that that’s what they are being paid to do.

Some tips to overcoming this attitude are:

a. Accept that there will always be problems in doing your job well. Crying and moaning will not do anything but create extra stress. Just get on with the job!

b. Interact and talk with high performers. Their positivity and actions may cascade onto you.

c. Talk to others about their problems. You may pleasantly find that your problems are minor in comparison to theirs.

d. Ask for help from others. You will be surprised at how others can assist through some advice or tangible assistance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I do hope that all of you will make some effort to become a problem solver rather than a problem teller. Have a great month in October!!!

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