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Your Monthly Inspirational Newsletter | September 2013

Dear Everyone,

Hi! And how are you all? I really hope all of you had a great Raya holiday and are now back to work, highly motivated! It was a quiet month in so far as training was concerned, but I had a great time at all the Raya ‘open houses’. I must confess that my weakness is lemang and rendang and I must have put on at least 2 kilograms eating this wonderful dish. Well I had my fun and now I will have to ‘pay the price’ at the gym!!!

This month I want to talk about the use of hand phones and the reason I want to do it is because of something that happened to me recently.

I was in a meeting with some members of the management team of an organization. The meeting was frequently interrupted because of phone calls to the chairmen of the meeting. He answered them, leaving us just to watch him silently (in the process interrupting the flow of the meeting). And the worst thing was that all the calls were what I would term as ‘ordinary’ calls. He did apologize but it made no difference. I was wishing for him to put his phone away so that the meeting could go on smoothly.

Hence here are some hand phone rules, the practice of which will make us more respectful of others and secondly to prevent us from becoming a ‘nuisance’ in public.

In both cases, the hand phone was not the problem. It was the way it was used that was the issue. In Japan, it is considered rude to even have a phone in a meeting room. They also do not use it in public transport. How I wish we can have this kind of etiquette here in Malaysia. Personally I feel that the use of the hand phone has been abused and has sadly made us consciously or unconsciously ‘disrespectful’ of others.

Hence here are some hand phone rules, the practice of which will make us more respectful of others and secondly to prevent us from becoming a ‘nuisance’ in public.

a. At public places, don’t talk on the phone loudly and where possible go to a place where your conversation will not irritate others.

b. It is not appropriate at all to use a cell phone at certain places such as cinemas or places of worship. If you must, then send text messages while keeping the phone on silent mode.

c. On a dining table, setting hand phones to silent mode is a must. This is a sign of respect to the others at the table and also to other people in the restaurant.

d. Whilst in a conversation with others, do not check your text messages on a regular basis. In doing so you are showing disrespect to others. If you really must then ‘seek permission’.

e. Whenever you call someone, always start with, “is it convenient to talk now”. This is being polite as they maybe at a meeting or doing something where they don’t want to be interrupted.

f. Never ever text when driving. It could be your last text!!!!

Please remember that the cell phone is never the problem; it’s the user’s lack of respect for others which is!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Have a great month of September and do take care.

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