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Your Monthly Inspirational Newsletter | March 2013

Dear Everyone,

Hi! And how are you all? It was with great sadness that I heard of Zig Ziglar’s death at the age of 86 on 28 November 2012. He was one of the greatest motivational gurus ever and has definitely played a role in making my life that bit better. I do remember listening to his audio CDs in my car and getting that much sought after motivation to get through some of the tough moments in my life. And one of the best quotes I remember from him was “The escalator to success in life has broken down, but the stairs are still working”. It’s such a simple quote, but very, very profound in its meaning. Let me explain.

Many people today are in such a hurry to achieve success that they try to take any possible shortcut towards their success goals. They want to take the escalator, whereas it is actually the stairs that will take them to success. For example, I have seen very many gullible people who take part in the many ‘get rich quick’ or ‘lose weight fast’ schemes, only to find out that none of them work except in only making them a little poorer. A friend of mine even bought one of those devices that apparently ‘stimulates your stomach muscle’ such that you can lose weight even while watching television!! This was in spite of our advice that this was ‘too good to be true’. This friend did not listen to us, ‘took the escalator’ and is still overweight today!!

From my experience, I have found that in reality, shortcuts most of the time leads to disappointments. If shortcuts were possible, most of us would be slim, most of us would be pretty or handsome and most of us would be making ‘millions on the internet’. Unfortunately, life is not that easy and whatever you want in life, you must work hard and importantly make sacrifices to get. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily. The greater the value, the greater the sacrifice required to achieve it.

Some things you could do to achieve success the 'right way' are:

a. Have goals. This is something that I have always advocated. To put it in another way, how can you reach a destination without having a road map? Some people jump in the car and just drive around and hope to reach the ‘right’ destination. This is foolish. Always know what you want to achieve in your life and then go ahead and start working on achieving it. Break your goal into smaller parts for motivation purposes. Sometimes when you have a goal of losing 10 kgs by the end of the year, the goal can be so daunting that it actually de-motivates you. However if you have a goal that says you will lose 2.5 kgs every three months, then the goal suddenly becomes ‘easier’.

b. Be ready to pay the price. It can be anything from studying five hours a day to the act of reducing meat and sugar from your diet, to spending two hours in the gym every day. The price to pay is never easy (like climbing the stairs) but is the only sure way to success.

c. Cultivate success habits. Success requires new habits. If you want to go up the corporate ladder for example, then you will have to acquire good habits like good time management, doing the ‘right things’, working hard etc. These new habits are no guarantee of success, but will surely increase your chances of success.

d. Success needs time. You will never ever achieve success overnight. The bigger the goal, the longer it’s going to take you to reach it. Condition your mind to accept this fact and never, ever underestimate the time and effort required to get there. Importantly, take that all important first step!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. Here's wishing all of you a wonderful month of March and here's hoping that all of you will start to take your first steps up the staircase towards your goals.

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