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eNewsletter June 2012

Dear Everyone,

Hi! And how are you all? It was a very eventful month of May, with the highlight being the Malaysian Association of Professional Speaker's (MAPS) convention at the Shah Alam convention center. It was certainly an honor for me to be able to share the same stage with some of the world's best speakers, e.g. Laura Stack (President, National Speakers Association, USA) and Janelle Barlow (President of the Global Speaker's Federation). It was fun, it was exciting and I have become better for the experience.

This month I want to talk about an amazing man, Antonio de Sousa, who works as the head doorman in the Hyatt Regency hotel in Tampa, Florida (extract from the Tampa Tribune, Feb 27 2012). He has been with the hotel for 25 years and in that time he has never, every taken sick leave!!!!! Isn't that simply amazing!!!

Not only has he never taken leave, but he has never been late for work either. There was once an incident when his car broke down on the way to work and all he did was to leave his car beside the highway and he walked and ran five miles to the hotel and as he said, "he just made it in time". When asked about this amazing statistic, De Sousa, 53, just shrugs and says he "never got sick, that's all" and wonders what all the fuss is about.

De Sousa is affectionately known by the hotel staff as the 'Mayor of Tampa Street'. He says that he loves his job and his simple philosophy about his work is that, "Hyatt is a castle and it's guests are royalty". He also adds that "the management is great here, and they keep me happy and give me a lot of support."

There are many things we can learn from this amazing man:

a. Dedication to work. We may have better jobs and be more 'successful' than him, but we can all learn a thing or two about dedication to our jobs from him. Being dedicated ensures that your employer always receives the very best from you, and that the job is carried out to the best of your ability. I assure you it pays in the long run.

b. Choosing the right option. Life is all about options. De Sousa chooses the harder, but the better and more rewarding option. He looks at his career from a longer perspective. He cares about the success of his company, and is willing to go that extra mile every time without complaint.

c. Good personal working philosophy. When you love your job, you will do it well, regardless of the circumstances. He is only a doorman, but his attitude and commitment to his job rates par excellence. This is exemplified in his personal philosophy in terms of his work ie "Hyatt is a castle and it's guests are royalty". Not only that, he obviously also lives, eats and drinks this philosophy.

d. The role of management. Employees are only as good as the way in which they are managed. It is very rare to see poorly managed and hence demotivated employees exhibit dedication to their work. Dedication almost always starts with management.

Having a positive attitude and performing to the best of your ability in your organization will never, ever go unnoticed. You will not only get rewarded, but importantly have a sense of pride in yourself which will bolster up your own self-esteem and career. Too many people in the corporate world today want short cuts to success by engaging in office politics. Short term they may enjoy success, but long term this will most certainly be detrimental to their career. I sincerely do hope that all of you will reflect on this and make the decision to choose the 'right' option today.

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. I do hope it has made you reflect a little bit on your life and career. Do have a great month in June!

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