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eNewsletter January 2011

Dear Everyone,

Hi! And how are you all? Firstly, Happy New Year to all of you and I do hope that all of you will be showered with the Almighty’s blessings in everything you do in 2011. It was a great December for me. Work was not so heavy and I had a great holiday in Korea with the family. Korea was really, really cold but it was well worth it for Kevin and Rachel as they had the opportunity to learn to ski.

I have to also congratulate the Malaysian football team for winning the Suzuki cup for the first time. It was nerve wracking watching them play in Indonesia especially for the first forty five minutes. Once half time came, things became better as I knew then that they would go on to win it. The only sad thing about the win is that everybody now seems to want to jump on the bandwagon. Notice how everyone wants to be photographed with the footballers. Where were they when the team was going through trying times????

Since it is the year end and many people are in the process of setting New Year resolutions, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about goals and inspire some of you to take New Year resolutions more seriously. I will start by telling you a story I read about a man who was driving in a rural area. At a T junction, he stopped and noticed an old man nearby. He wound down his windscreen and then asked the old man, “Sir, where does the road on the right and left lead to.” The old man then asked, “Where do you want to go”. The man in the car replied, “I don’t really know.” The old man then said “If that is the case sir, I suggest you take any road, as it will make no difference.” The moral of the story is that if you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there!!! Jim Cathcart, a noted professional speaker, once said, "Most people aim at nothing in life and hit it with amazing accuracy."

It is therefore critical that we have goals in life. Only with goals will we have a direction. Otherwise we will go where life takes us rather than where we really want to go. By setting and achieving worthwhile goals, you also give your life greater meaning and purpose. You will also find your work and personal life more exciting and fulfilling.

Some simple tips to ensure the achievement of your goals are:

  1. Put down all your goals in writing as this is commitment. Importantly, read your goals regularly to influence your sub-conscious mind.
  2. Write done a plan to support the goal. The better and more realistic the plan, the greater the chances of achieving the goal.
  3. ‘See’ yourself achieving the goal. If losing weight is your goal, then ‘see’ yourself as that trim person who has just lost 10 kilograms. This helps greatly in self-motivation and making the goal more believable.
  4. Whenever you have the urge to procrastinate, immediately review your goals again. This will usually result in a strong compulsion to act on your goal.

    Thank you very much for spending your time reading this newsletter. I do hope you have found it fruitful and most importantly, I do hope that it has made you want to think about your goals in 2011. Have a great month ahead!