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eNewsletter November 2009

Dear Everyone,

Hi! And how are you all. The highlight of October has to be the HRDF conference in the Sunway Convention Centre on 13/14 Oct 2009 because of two things. Firstly, I had the honour to give a presentation entitled ‘Positive Attitudes – The Critical X Factor in Performance Enhancement’ which was very well received. Thanks to all those who wrote to me expressing your kind thoughts. I appreciate your motivating mails very, very much. Secondly, I took the opportunity to launch my first book entitled, ‘Simple Steps to Leadership Excellence’. Again the response was overwhelming. We sold a substantial number of books on the day and it has certainly given me encouragement to write my second book. I had ‘hand-ache’ just autographing all the books!!! But it was well worth it and thanks again for all the support you all gave me. I truly appreciate it.

GOOD NEWS!! and that is I am going to run a couple of public courses in December entitled, 'The Art and Skill of Managing People Effectively'. This is as a result of the many requests I received during the Convention and also through emails. Details in regards these courses will be sent to you all very soon. Do keep a lookout!

This month, I want to talk about something we all do not give enough importance to in our careers i.e. ‘Investing in Ourselves’. As Jim Rohn (the management guru) says, "Invest more in yourself than in your career because the most skilled and competent people are NEVER unemployed”. I certainly think that this is very, very good advice indeed.



Investing in yourself means making small changes which brings in huge dividends in the long run!

To ‘invest in yourself’ first and foremost means treating yourself as an asset!! You must accept the fact that you are an asset either to your company, to your family, spouse etc. You must therefore do everything you can in order to increase the value of this asset. Improving your skills, academic qualifications and health for example will most certainly mean that the value of the asset goes up. Through this investment, you will also get a high return on investments. Let’s take the example of a sales person to illustrate this. Let’s assume that he makes about 10,000/ worth of sales a month. If he does not improve his skills i.e. sales, communication, grooming etc his sales figures will always remain at RM 10,000/ a month. On the other hand, let’s say that he invests RM 1,000/ to attend a ‘Techniques for Closing Sales’ course. Using the knowledge and skills learnt during the course, there is a great possibility that his sales figures will increase. Let’s say that his monthly sales figures increase by 10% from RM 10,000/ to RM 11,000/ per month. In other words, he makes an extra RM 12,000 more a year, compared to his cost of investment of RM1, 000/. As a result, he gets a Return on Investment (ROI) of 1200% over the course of a year. Isn't that super? Imagine how much that would amount to in a lifetime!!!

Some simple ways to invest in yourself would be as follows:

Invest in your health. This is paramount as without good health, nothing else matters. Invest at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week for physical activity and manage your eating habits well.

Invest in your education. Go get that degree, Masters Program or that qualification that you have always wanted. Please remember that higher education does not suddenly make you competent, but it surely opens doors to higher appointments.

Invest in your skills. Attend every course that the company sends you to and more! Skills will not improve over night. However with every course you go to, another piece of your life’s skills will drop in place.

Invest in your mind! Read more, either books or magazines. If this is difficult because of lack of time, then invest in CDs and listen to motivational/management presentations by the world’s best management gurus, as you drive to and from work.

Doing the above will surely develop and improve your most important asset i.e. YOU! In life, I always believe that we can reap the greatest rewards by just making minute changes to the way we live and work. Most people leave this vital responsibility of personal development to their companies. My view is that it is too important to leave this critical aspect of your life to other people. So put some thought into what you have just read and make your own personal development plan. I assure you, this can be a life changing decision!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I do hope all of you will have a great month ahead. Take care!