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eNewsletter January 2008

Dear Everyone,
Hi! And how are you all? Firstly a very Happy New Year to all of you and may 2008 bring you lots of success, good health, happiness and lots more personal achievements. The highlight for December was when I gave a motivational presentation for a leading bank in Kuala Lumpur for approximately 2,000/ of their sales staff, which went off very well. The energy and the passion in the hall was unbelievable. I have been to many of these sales conventions, but this was certainly the most ‘energized’ right from the word go. It is no wonder that this bank is doing so well. They have passionate staff, right from the sales representatives to the sales management staff and this could easily be observed during the convention. And yes, the bank used up lots of resources to ensure that their sales staff were duly recognized and appreciated for the good work they did in 2007. I must say it will certainly be worth it as I am most certain they will go on to break all their sales targets for 2008!! And this is what I would like to talk about in this month’s newsletter, i.e. the power of appreciation and recognition. 

I received the picture below from one of my friends and apparently this picture is there on one of the walls of the engineering hangars of Air Asia where maintenance of aircraft takes place.

On looking at the picture, my question is “Are the world’s best engineers actually working there”. No most certainly not, although I am sure most of them are very, very good. What is important is that Air Asia looks for every little way to motivate their employees. If I was an Air Asia engineer and as I come to work and see the picture above, I can assure you, I will most certainly be energized. I have been ‘recognized and appreciated’. When you are labeled ‘worlds best engineers’, let me assure you, psychologically, you will try to live up to that belief or expectation, which means that daily, Air Asia gets 5-10 % more energy from their engineers just by displaying a picture. On the reverse, if you always tell your staff that they are no good, then they will live up to that belief too!!!
One of the biggest fallacies that managers and organizations seem to have is that employees are withholding a certain amount of effort that must be bribed from them by means of various incentives and rewards. Most organizations unconsciously perpetuate this fallacy through their “motivational programs”. And by doing so, they create an organizational culture where productivity can only be achieved through incentives, which will be to the long term detriment of that organization. Air Asia on the other hand believes in intangibles like recognition and appreciation and demonstrates this by simple acts like the above. I assure you, it is much more effective and cheaper too!! So for 2008, just go out there and recognize and appreciate your staff. This will certainly make a DIFFERENCE!!!

 Thank you for taking the time to read this. I do hope I have added to your day. Until my next mail, please do take care and do share this with your friends. Have a great 2008!

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