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eNewsletter December 2007

Dear Everyone,
Hi! And how are you all? November was a hectic month from a training perspective i.e. the busy training schedule I had and attending the Neuro-Linguistic Programming certified practitioner’s course. The course was over a period of 10 days. It was fun, interesting, stimulating, frustrating at times, but most importantly of all, exhilarating. Words like chunking, sub-modalities, meta model, which were Greek to me, now makes sense. I feel that after the course, I have in my possession a few more pieces of my life’s jigsaw puzzle. From a learning perspective, I think that I will now look at things from a slightly different perspective. I am in full control of my mind and hence if I can influence it to view situations from a more positive perspective, my life can surely be better. Importantly, by acting positively, I am also able to influence people’s reactions towards me. Most importantly, I believe I have in an overall sense become a better person. There was however a ‘price to pay’ in terms of the course i.e. the course fees, the time, effort, the dinner dates missed etc, but it was well worth it in terms of my own personal development. And this is the thing that I would like to talk to you about this month i.e. the price we have to pay in the pursuit of personal excellence and happiness.

One of the things that Jack Canfield touches on in his book ‘Success Principles’ was the question of, “Are you willing to pay the price?” He asks, “How many of you want to be better parents, better managers, have better health, be a millionaire?” I am most certain most people would say yes, to all that. However he then asks, “Are you willing to pay the price to achieve those things?” He continued to say that we all generally have good intentions in wanting to be better, but most of us are not willing to pay the price. For example, to be a better manager, we will have to continuously develop ourselves which means paying a price in terms of money, time, effort, less time with the family etc. How many of us are willing to do this? And yet, just working everyday, without paying the ‘necessary’ price will not necessarily make us better managers. We only do what we have always done a little bit better, and that’s all. Similarly, all of us want to have better relationships with the people we love, but we usually take them for granted and don’t do what we ‘know’ we should. We don’t want to make that extra effort. We want to pay a ‘small’ price but expect high returns. This definitely does not conform to Life’s success principles. In life, we will have to accept that whatever we achieve is directly proportional to the effort and sacrifices that we put in, in the first place.

He went on to say that “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of positive intentions, sincere effort and intelligent direction.” In every thing we do, we always have alternatives to choose from. Those who make a sincere effort to make themselves the best possible persons they can be, have taken the first step in the pursuit of personal excellence. In the process, there is always a price that they will have to pay. The question is, “ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE”?

 Thank you for taking the time to read this. I do hope I have made your day a little bit better with this newsletter. Until my next mail, please do take care and do share this with your friends. Have a great month ahead!

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