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eNewsletter August 2007

Dear Everyone,
Hi! And how are you all? I do hope this newsletter finds you all in good health. It has again been a very, very busy month of July. Obviously the training trip to Hamburg, Germany was the highlight. I was apprehensive initially as I have never conducted a leadership oriented training course for a wholly European audience before. It turned out very, very well however, as I obtained an evaluation of 4.38 out of 5, which is very, very good. All the hours spent planning, researching and designing the course has paid off. Hopefully there will be more global training opportunities for me in the future.  Importantly, the training has certainly given my confidence a little boost.
 This month, I want to talk to you about something that I feel very strongly about i.e. our attitude of taking things for granted. One of my favorite hypothetical exercise during training courses is to ask my participants to write down all the things they would do if they found out that they had only six more months to live due to serious health problems. 

Some of the usual answers I would then get are as follows:

  1. I would spend more time with my family and loved ones.
  2. I will travel around the world
  3. I will dedicate myself to my religion and religious activities
  4. I will enjoy myself!

Now, I do not have any arguments with the above answers and in fact I think they are great. My only concern is ‘why do we want to do all this, when we only have six more months to live?” Why can’t we do all these things when we are healthy and in a state of mind where we can enjoy it more. Why can’t we do it NOW!!!

But then isn’t this ‘normal’ i.e. we tend to take things for granted in life and only do things when we are forced to do so or at the last minute. The things above are obviously very important to us and that is why we think of doing it when our time is near. My question is “if it is so important, shouldn’t we be doing it now, instead of waiting for the last moments of our lives”.
So my advice to everyone is to do the ‘abnormal’ and that is to do all those things that you have always wanted to do, NOW!! Live out your dreams, spend more time with your loved ones, go travel round the world (do it in parts i.e. one country a year for example). Don’t wait any longer!! We will never ever be able to finish doing all those things that we wanted to do, but at least we can do some! Life is too short to have regrets!

For those who say they don’t have time or give other excuses, my advise is if you do not do it now, there is a chance that you may still be able to do it when you have six more months to live. However, please do remember that most of us will never ever get that warning before our time!! Think about it!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I really do hope you have enjoyed reading the above, and I have in a small way made a difference to your lives. Until my next newsletter, take care and I do hope you will all have a great month ahead.

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