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eNewsletter June 2007

Dear Everyone,
Hi! And how are you all? I do hope all of you are fine and in the best of health. I just came back from a holiday in a small quaint town called Daro, which is about 2 hours by boat ride from Sibu town in Sarawak. I must admit it was a good feeling going back to the simple things in life and doing things I have never done before. I went fishing ‘pukat tarik’ style (using a net from the beach and then going out to sea in a semi-circle to surround the fish), went to pluck shoots in a semi jungle, and ate fish (washed in muddy water) roasted over an open fire. I could not help but feel that we here in the urban areas have had our lives complicated by ‘modernization’. Life is so simple and slow in Daro and it was a really nice relaxing change for me. I must admit however that after all is said and done, (being the modern animal that I am) I was glad to be back to my air-conditioned room, my Astro and my mobile phone after the holiday. See how dependent we are on technology!!
This month I want to share the concepts of the intriguing book, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, which is currently making waves in the US and Europe. The book is so popular that the author was even invited to appear in the Oprah Winfrey show, which in turn made it even more popular. The main concept of the book is the ‘Law of Attraction’ and that is, when we think and visualize good things we attract positive things to us and when we think of bad things then we attract negative things to ourselves. The book goes on to say that we are the ‘most powerful magnet in the Universe’ and this magnet attracts ‘like thoughts’. Like a magnetic transmission tower we emit our thoughts to the Universe and then attract like thoughts back to us. 

Although it can’t be proven scientifically, there are many well known people like Bob Procter, Jack Canfield and even Oprah Winfrey who swear by the concept.  As Bob Procter says, “Believe and have faith and then you will have the power to change anything, because you are the one who chooses your thoughts and you are the one who feels your feelings”. I can’t help but feel that the concept is in line with much of what we already have in most religions and that is if you do good, then good will come unto you and if you do bad, then bad will come unto you. It is also in line with what many motivators have always preached i.e. having goals and visualizing them coming true.
My personal view about all this is a simple, ‘why not give it a try’. After all, we have nothing to lose and in the process will exercise our minds a little bit more. The key I suppose is to “HAVE FAITH”! Once you have this then I am certain that we can then try to think good thoughts seriously. So just go do it!! I am most certain that many more good things will be coming your way.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I really do hope you have enjoyed reading the above, and I have in a small way, added to your management knowledge. Until my next newsletter, take care and I do hope you will all have a great month ahead.

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