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eNewsletter April 2006

Dear Everyone,
Hi! And how are you all? March has been a busy month as training activities in corporate organizations in Malaysia start to gain momentum. It is good for me as I have been having too much of a rest in February.

I was reading the papers the other day and I came upon this cartoon which made me smile. There is a lot that we can learn about motivation from this cartoon. 

  • Fear is a form of motivation and when used at the right time and right situation can be very, very effective. I find that too many times, people believe in this myth that motivation is only concerned with positive aspects. Fear is something that is a good driving force. For example, we study because we fear failing in our examinations: we conform to company rules and regulations because we fear disciplinary action.
  • We must not be afraid of using fear motivation. If an employee, despite all the counseling is not producing results then fear motivation comes in, in the form of a warning letter for example. In that context, a good manager has to sometimes be cruel in order to be kind. Remember that we all need a ‘kick’ every once in a while in order to motivate us to conform to work expectations.
  • Using fear as a motivational tool all of the time is however ineffective. When the rowers are tired, no matter how much of whipping they get, they will still not be able to row. Therefore use fear motivation sparingly at the workplace.
  • In the main, use positive motivation at the workplace. Do not however discard the ‘fear’ option. It can work wonders when used at the right time and the right place!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope it has enhanced by a little bit, your knowledge about motivation. Till you hear from me in my May newsletter, all the best and I do hope you will have a really good month ahead. Take care.

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